Stress and Anxiety Management - Making the most of sleep

Try some of the following suggestions to help you sleep but if they donít work donít worry as worrying can make things worse for you, but if you do stop worrying you might find you will fall asleep.

Preparing for sleep

  1. Have a milky drink.
  2. Go for a short walk around the Block.
  3. Try to have a regular, unhurried bedtime routine.
  4. Play relaxing music.
  5. Do a relaxation exercise before going to bed.
  6. Ensure that you have taken some physical exercise during the day so that you feel tired.
  7. Avoid napping in the early evening before going to bed.
  8. Be aware of what you eat and drink, as some dairy products and caffeine can affect your sleep. Drinking too much liquid may wake you because of a full bladder.
  9. Watch a pleasant video.

If you cannot fall asleep

Try one of the following, but try them on different evenings.

  1. Remind yourself that you do not need a good nightís sleep every night. It does not matter that you do not fall asleep right away.
  2. Recall a favourite place that you found pleasant and relaxing. Remember and relive it in detail, soaking up the pleasant atmosphere.
  3. Concentrate on your breathing. Imagine yourself totally relaxed with any tension draining from you into the mattress.
  4. Practice a gentle breathing exercise.
  5. Imagine yourself listening to your favourite music.

If you wake during the night

  1. Use any of the above methods.
  2. Get up and have a drink.
  3. Go to the toilet and return to bed.
  4. Use the time to do something Ė read or listen to music
  5. If concerns keep going through your mind, write them down and resolve to think about them in the morning.
  6. Enjoy being awake! It does not matter if you do not fall asleep. Lying there relaxed will enable you to rest.